Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023

Statement of Faith

We at Martus Ministry believe :
*God was born as a man in a virgin woman. Isa 7:14,9:6, Mat1:23 , Jn1:1-2,14, 1Tim 3:16, Phil 2:5-6
*Yeshua “Jesus” is sinless and died as the Lamb of God. Jn 1:29,1Pe1:19, Heb9:12,14,22, Lev17:11
*In the Death of Yeshua “Jesus” for the atonement of sin. 1Cor 15:3, Rom 5:8-10, 1Jn3:16, Luk 24:6-7
*In Burial of Yeshua “Jesus” . Luk 23:52-53 ,Rom 4:24-25 , Luk 24:20 ,1 Co 15:4
*In Resurrection of Yeshua “Jesus”. Act2:24, Luk 24:34,1 Cor 15:4,Rom 10:9
*Yeshua “Jesus” is the Son of God and the only way for Salvation.  Jn 3:16 ,14:6 , Act4:12, 1Tim 2:5
*Mankind has Free will to accept or reject the free gift offered by God. Rom 5:18,Jn 7:37, Rev 22:17
*The Church is the Commonwealth of Israel, the Israel of God. Eph 2:11-14, Rom 9:6-8, Gal3:29,6:16
*The Bible is the word of God which must be studied. 2Tim2:15,3:16 ,Rom15:4, Heb 4:12, 2Pet 1:20-21
*The Bible is the word of God that must be preached. Rom 10:14,17 , Mk16:15
*Christians are commissioned to make disciples. Mat28:19-20
*Immersion baptism is Christs tenant for born again believers . Mat28:19-20, Mk16:16, Act2:38, Rom6:3-6
A. Baptism is an outward expression of a believers inward working of faith and commitment. Act10:46-48
B. Baptism itself will not save you but being Baptized is a byproduct of saving faith. Jas 2:22,24,26
C. Infant Baptisms are not scriptural.(and to be rejected as legitimate baptism)
*The Resurrection occurs at the end of the tribulation when Christ returns. 1Thes4:13-18, 1Cor15, Mat24:29
*There will be Christians alive through the tribulation until the Day of Christs return. 1Cor 15:51
*Communion is Holy and a symbolic reminder of the gospel honoring Christ. 1Cor11:23-30, 1Cor15:1-3
*Home Churches are biblical.  Rom 16:5, Col 4:15 ,Phile 1:2 , 1Cor16:19
*A literal Millennial Reign of Christ on the Earth and the end of the great Tribulation. Rev 20:2,4,7
*Premillennialism (taught since the Apostles)
*Gifts of the Spirit are still functioning. Eph4:11 ,1Cor 12:4-11,
*There is another Exodus out of Judea that will occur mid tribulation. Mat24:15-16,Rev 12:6,14
(We believe in preparation for this Exodus)
(We openly and willfully reject the authority of the Pope)
*The Interfaith/Ecumenical movement is the platform for the false Prophet. Rev 13:12
*Jerusalem is Babylon.Rev 17:18,11:8
*Jerusalem will be ruled by the Anti Christ & the False Prophet. Rev11:2,Luk21:24
*The Third Temple is soon to be built. Matt24:15,Rev 11:1-2,2The2:4
*Jerusalem is Spiritually called Sodom and Egypt Rev 11:8
*The United Nations(to be reformed into New World Order) is the platform for the world government “kings of the earth”. Rev 19:19
*The False Prophet will cause the Mark of the Beast. Rev 13:16-17
* The Al-Mahdi of Islam is the Antichrist of the bible prophecy.
*The Islamic “prophet jesus” is the False Prophet of the bible prophecy.

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