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“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Apr 23 2013- “Rise of Police State”

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April 23, 2013


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“Eye of The Storm”  Radio Broadcast Apr 23 2013- “Rise of Police State”

This is a shorter radio broadcast with topics such as : The rise of Police State,  Obama wants power to choose ministers at Churches, Muslim cleric  says Islamic prayers going on in the White House, United States Senators warning about  New World Order and Obama leading it,  Obama’s support of jihad in middle east,  “Adoption as sons in Israel”, “Patience” and more!





“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast April 23 2013 – “Rise of Police State”–eye-of-the-storm


Israel of God document


Articles covered in broadcast:

Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act

United Nations , Disarmament – Arms Trade Treaty

“Record number of anti-government militias in USA” March 5 2013

“Sen. Cruz: Obama Wants Power to Choose Ministers at Churches” April 10, 2013

Arizona Republicans warn of new world order April 14 2013

Egyptian Cleric Abu Islam: Egypt’s Authority Should Be Divided among Islamist Groups; Flag of Islam Will Soon Fly over White House March 18 2013

Obama requests $580m. for Mideast ‘contingencies’ April 21 2013

Kerry Says U.S. Will Double Aid to Rebels in Syria April 20 2013

Rand Paul: Hillary’s Benghazi story unraveling April 22 2013









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