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“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Oct 25 2016 “Bible Prophecy and the End Times Artificial Intelligence Overlords”

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October 25, 2016


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“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Oct 25 2016 “Bible Prophecy and the End Times Artificial Intelligence Overlords”

Bible Prophecy and the End Times Artificial Intelligence Overlords, Mark of the Beast technology, Rise of Islam in the bible, “MAKING A FREEWILL CHOICE TO REACH OUT, REMEMBER, AND TALK TO GOD!” and more!

Articles covered:

Singleton (global governance)

Mastercard to launch artificial intelligence bots for banks and merchants Oct 25 2016

Bank of America unveils an AI-powered bot to help customers with their personal finances Oct 24 2016

Facebook banking bots mean you may never have to sit on hold with your bank again Oct 25 2016

Google, Visa and Mastercard want to get rid of passwords Oct 24 2016

Implants to aid payment with a wave of the hand May 26 2015

Implant technology: I’ve got you, and lots of data, under my skin Aug 30 2016

White House report: AI can make society better without taking over the world Oct 12 2016

The Administration’s Report on the Future of Artificial Intelligence Oct 12 2016


Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ ‘radical’ vision of open-border world Oct 25 2016

Barack Obama Neural Nets, self Driving Cars and the Future of the world Oct 12 2016

Pope Francis Embraces Technology, But Warns Against Misuse June 18 2015

Mark Zuckerberg meets Pope Francis, gives him a drone Aug 29 2016

Elon Musk: ‘We Must Hack Our Brains or Be Destroyed by AI’ Oct 25 2016

Holy See: Two-state solution necessary for Mideast peace, Oct 20 2016

Netanyahu: I hope Obama won’t forsake us at the UN, Oct 20 2016

Iowa Governor: There Are Major Islamic Terrorists In Iowa – They Are Living In Every State… Can Strike Any Day,Oct 12 2016

Minneapolis: Muslims riot, throw rocks at police in rage over HBO series on jihad recruitment, Oct 20 2016

Texas: ‘No to wall, ISLAM OR DIE’ threats spray-painted on San Antonio CHURCH Oct 16 2016



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