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“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Aug 23 2017 – “New World Order & WWIII”

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August 23, 2016


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“Eye of The Storm”  Radio Broadcast Aug 23 2017 – “New World Order & WWIII”

New World Order & WWIII, Bible Prophecy of Wars, Iron and Clay, “Focus Check: Fleshly “Entertainment” or Spiritual Discernment?” and more!

Articles covered:

Germany to tell people to stockpile food and water in case of attacks Aug 21 2016,7340,L-4844349,00.html

Germany considers return of conscription for civil defence Aug 22 2016

Operation Gladio

NATO standing up to Putin – Alliance prepared for aggression from ‘unpredictable Russia’ Aug 23 2016

First on CNN: FBI investigating Russian hack of New York Times reporters, others aug 23 2016

Egyptian president: Putin willing to host Netanyahu and Abbas Aug 22 2016

Beijing Blasts ‘American Aggression,’ Calls for Russia-China ‘New World Order Aug 13 2016

Top US commander warns Damascus & Moscow against operations near American positions Aug 21 2016

G7 agrees need strong message on South China Sea; China says don’t ‘hype’ Mar 26 2016

South China Sea Time Bomb: Beijing Sets “Red Line” on Japan-US Joint Operations Aug 21 2016

Merkel offered Japan opportunity to join NATO May 3 2016

Japan, Russia will hold third round of WWII peace treaty talks in Moscow Aug. 26: Interfax Aug 18 2016


How Can Territorial Disputes Torpedo Cooperation Between China, Japan and Russia aug 23 2016

Obama lifts U.S. arms ban on Vietnam May 23 2016

‘Terrible Mistake’ Chinese Media Hints at War With Vietnam Over Rocket Launchers aug 13 2016

North Korea test fires ballistic missile from sub Aug 23 2016

Chinese-South Korean Tensions Rise over THAAD Anti-missile Deployment Aug 16 2016

Man accused of killing grandparents was influenced by radical Islamists, police say, Aug 17 2016

Southern Command Warns Sunni Extremists Infiltrating From South, Aug 22 2016

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