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Terrorism, Artificial Intelligence and the Mark of the Beast – May 11 2016

Terrorism, Artificial Intelligence and the Mark of the Beast – May 11 2016

We are living in the last days as biblical end times prophecy is coming to pass.This video covers the agenda of the New World Order found in bible prophecy regarding the Mark of the Beast technology being set up through excuses such as countering terrorism.


Articles covered:

Operation Northwoods

Patriot Act

TSA executive admits not a single terrorist-related arrest has resulted from whole-body scanners may 17 2012

Freed Gitmo detainee, ex-bin Laden aide cements place as top jihadist in videos Feb 18 2016

When Ibrahim al Qosi

DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties Feb 5 2016

DHS Secretary to Hold Press Conference at Mosque Tied to Muslim Brotherhood Dec 7 2015

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson: “We in the administration and the government should give voice to the plight of Muslims” Feb 19 2015

Obama administration pulls references to Islam from terror training materials, official says Oct 21 2011

Remarks by the President at Islamic Society of Baltimore Feb 3 2016

Obama at Baltimore mosque quoted Muhammad from speech endorsing caliphate and beheading Feb 9 2016

Obama: Islamic State says they’re “holy warriors who speak for Islam. I refuse to give them legitimacy.” Feb 5 2016

Sustainable Development Goals

COP21: Full speech by Barack Obama at the opening of UN Climate Conference in Paris Dec 1 2015

World Bank Sustainable Development


Terminal Confusion? DHS push could make some IDs invalid for flying Dec 29 2015

Are implanted chips the future of boarding passes? Jan 21 2016

US to Begin Implementing Biometric System at Airports by 2018 Feb 12 2016

Facial recognition machines tracking travelers at US border

DOJ pivots from ISIS to U.S. anti-government groups with new position Oct 15 2015

Intelligence amplification (IA)

Jose Delgado bull experiment implant to brain and radio videos

Ibm watson cognative era enlightenment

Jason A implant Microchip and Brain upload

A.I. and Technology Convergence Feb 14 2016–technology-convergenc_b_9233220.html

Accenture invests in artificial intelligence R&D Nov 5 2015

DARPA Wants Implanted Brain Chips to Directly Communicate with Computers Jan 21 2016

Ray Kurzweil: In The 2030s, Nanobots In Our Brains Will Make Us ‘Godlike’ Oct 1 2015

Futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts computers as small as blood cells Jan 22 2016

Google living forever technology

Google’s future: microphones in the ceiling and microchips in your head Dec 9 2013


Pope Francis meets with Google executive, Eric Schmidt Jan 17 2016

The mobile phone of the future will be implanted in your head, Jan 19 2016

U.S. military successfully installs ‘brain modems’ in animals as part of project to develop ‘cyborg soldiers’ who use the cerebral implants to control machines Feb 27 2016

Facebook is using AI to make detailed maps of where people live Feb 22 2016

Joe Biden Brain scans and implants.

EU tests brain scanning to catch terrorists

Brain Scans Predict Crime Before It Happens; Can Neuroimaging Prevent Repeat Offenders? Mar 28 2013

artificial intelligence taking over the world

IBM Watson Psycology

Artificial Intelligence in Psychology

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Therapy Apr 8 2014

Brain Implants Could Give People Perfect Memories And Night Vision Apr 23 2014

Brain implants: Because you’ve always wanted to think more like Einstein Mar 2 2014

Chip Enables Brain Implants Without The Wires A smart chip that reduces data usage over a thousand-fold could make wireless brain implants a reality. Feb 22 2016






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