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“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Apr 26 2016 “The Temple Mount Conflict In Bible Prophecy”

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April 26, 2016


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“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Apr 26 2016  “The Temple Mount Conflict In Bible Prophecy”

The Temple Mount Conflict In Bible Prophecy, Islamic Invasion in Prophecy, New World Order, “ AN ETERNAL SOUL IN A TEMPORARY WORLD” and more!

Articles covered:

U.S. Responds to Netanyahu: Golan Heights Are Not Part of Israel Apr 18 2016

UNSC rejects Israeli jurisdiction on Golan as ‘null and void’ Apr 26 2016

Islamic nations call emergency meeting on Golan Heights ‘escalation’ Apr 24 2016

VIDEO: Muslim worshipers attack Jews trying to pray on Temple Mount Apr 26 2016

A Sign of the Times? Priests Wanted for Third Temple Mar 31 2016

Hopes for Temple Mount to be ‘flattened’ expressed at Passover sacrifice ceremony Apr 19 2016

7 held for attempting Passover goat sacrifice in J’lem Apr 22 2016

UNESCO Just Decided The Temple Mount In Jerusalem Is An Exclusive Muslim Holy Place Apr 19 2016

Jerusalem Mufti calls on Muslims to unite to protect Al-Aqsa Apr 26 2016

Obama says Muslim-Americans greatest allies in anti-terror fight Apr 26 2016


Kerry vows to continue pushing for ‘two-state solution’ Apr 19 2016

Jerusalem churches: Don’t veto Palestine resolution Apr 25 2016

April 19, 2016 Target Corporate

US Christian fundamentalists ‘playing fast & loose with Bible’ on anti-LGBT laws April 22 2016

Border Patrol VP: ‘Obama Has Done Everything He Possibly Can’ To Stop Us From Doing Our Job, April 22 2016

Missouri: Muslim migrant threatens to kill family that sponsored him, faces deportation April 24 2016

Pope Dropped Christian Refugees, Takes ONLY MUSLIMS To Vatican Instead April 24 2016

Equality at heart of WEF event at Vatican, Nov 21 2014

Islamic Climate Change Declaration, Aug 12 2015

Shared faith views on climate change, June 19 2015

Obama Admin Awards $270K to Controversial Islamic Charity, April 20 2016

100,000+ protest TTIP trade deal in Germany amid Obama visit, April 25 2016






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