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“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Mar 15 2016 “

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March 15, 2016


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“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Mar 15 2016 “

The Bible describes the role of the Mahdi, Obama and Islam reform, Climate Change and World Government, “EVERYDAY CHOICE: HATE OR LOVE?” and more!

Articles covered:

Chapter 14: The Signs of the Appearance (Zuhur) of the Mahdi

Remarks by the President at Islamic Society of Baltimore Feb 3 2016

Lesson 18: The Twelfth Imam: Muhammad al-Mahdi (a.s.)

Who is Imam Mahdi (A.S.), Al-Montazar (The Awaited)?

Imam to Obama: ‘End Oppression of Muslims’; Obama to Imam: ‘Pray for Me’ Apr 27 2014

Osama Bin Laden letter about supporting Obama

Obama urges Mideast leaders to pursue reforms Mar 11 2011

Can Obama Spur a Reform Within Islam? Dec 21 2015

Obama Says Islam Needs Modernist Reformation Mar 15 2016

Obama: I’m more worried about climate change than the Islamic State mar 10 2016

AG Lynch: DOJ Has Discussed Whether to Pursue Civil Action Against Climate Change Deniers Mar 9 2016

FBI, under Islamic pressure, waters down anti-terror site Mar 5 2016

NewsAlert: Man charged in military stabbings says Allah instructed him Mar 15 2016

Nanny says Allah ordered her to behead child Mar 2 2016

‘Trick them, kill them’: Former Ottawa imam issues call to arms after son killed in Libya Mar 8 2016

‘Stone women! Kill apostates!’ Denmark’s pro-ISIS mosque in new controversy Feb 29 2016

Muslim Religious Leader: “Muslims MUST Kill Non-Believers” Sentenced By Norwegian Court (Video) Oct 20 2015

Senators accuse State Dept. of defying Congress with $500M UN climate payment, March 12 2016

It’s Official: NSA Data Will Soon be Used by Domestic Law Enforcement, March 13 2016

Dearborn Jihad: Muslim Who Plotted Mass Church Shooting, Beheading, Burning People Alive NOT CHARGED WITH TERRORISM, March 8 2016

Violent “Protester” Removed by Secret Service from Ohio Trump Rally Stage Had Ties to Islamic State, march 12 2016

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