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“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Mar 8 2016 “Global Police State and the Mark of the Beast”

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March 8, 2016


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“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Mar 8 2016 “Global Police State and the Mark of the Beast”

Global Police State and the Mark of the Beast, The Antichrist Treaty, Satan working to unite the languages, “WARNING: DISTRACTIONS LURKING EVERYWHERE!” and more!

Articles covered:

Report: Obama to use UN to divide Jerusalem Mar 8 2016

Herzog calls to implement his plans to stop terror attacks Mar 8 2016

STASI -The Ministry for State Security

Minority report: FBI asks high schoolers, teachers to watch for signs of student terrorism Mar 7 2016

Facial recognition machines tracking travelers at US border, March 8 2016

EU tests brain scanning to catch terrorists May 11 2009

Brain Implants Could Give People Perfect Memories And Night Vision Apr 23 2014

Nano-Chip Brain Implant Allows Users to Instantly Speak Foreign Language Apr 1 2011

Brain implants: Because you’ve always wanted to think more like Einstein Mar 2 2014

Chip Enables Brain Implants Without The Wires A smart chip that reduces data usage over a thousand-fold could make wireless brain implants a reality. Feb 22 2016

Obama Administration: Islamists Killing Christians Is Not Genocide, March 3 2016

The Pope says ‘it is a social fact’ that Europe is seeing an ‘Arab invasion’ – and it’s a GOOD thing, March 5 2016



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