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“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Mar 1 2016 “Osama Bin Laden exalted Barack Hussein as the Mahdi”

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March 1, 2016


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“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Mar 1 2016 “Osama Bin Laden exalted Barack Hussein as the Mahdi”

Breaking News: Osama Bin Laden exalted Barack Hussein as the Mahdi, End Times Bible Prophecy about Islam, Islam indoctrination in schools, “WHEN WE ARE WILLING TO SACRIFICE EVERYTHING FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD, THE LORD WILL GIVE US ALL WE NEED” and more!

Articles covered:

Ohio pastor shot dead at church, and his brother has been arrested Feb 28 2016

Osama Bin Laden’s Call for American Revolt On Climate Change Revealed Mar 1 2016

Osama bin Laden almost sounds like a U.S. presidential candidate in this secret letter Mar 1 2016

Osama Bin Laden letter

Chapter Four: Imam Mahdi (as) in the light of Prophetic traditions

1. Shia’s Imam Mahdi vs. Sunni’s Al-Mahdi


Imam to Obama: ‘End Oppression of Muslims’; Obama to Imam: ‘Pray for Me’ Apr 27 2014

Muslim leaders support Islamic declaration on climate change Aug 18 2015

Pope Francis: ‘Christians And Muslims Are Brothers And Sisters’ Nov 30 2015

COP21: Full speech by Barack Obama at the opening of UN Climate Conference in Paris Dec 1 2015

Remarks by the President at Islamic Society of Baltimore Feb 3 2016

Obama at Baltimore mosque quoted Muhammad from speech endorsing caliphate and beheading Feb 9 2016

Obama: Islamic State says they’re “holy warriors who speak for Islam. I refuse to give them legitimacy.” Feb 5 2016

Freed Gitmo detainee, ex-bin Laden aide cements place as top jihadist in videos Feb 18 2016

Iranian official accuses moderates of working with West

Organization and the Settlement Process

Muslim Indoctrination and the Department of Education: From Hijab Dress-Up to Convert Feb 29 2016

FBI CAVES to terror-tied CAIR’s demands, SCRUBS anti-terror site of Islam and jihad Feb 29 2016

President Obama: I lead the strongest military the world has ever known Sep 28 2015

Apocalyptic prophecies drive both sides to Syrian battle for end of time apr 1 2014

Partition of Syria part of ’Plan B’ if ceasefire fails – Kerry, Feb 23 2016

Opposition group says pause in fighting has been breached 15 times since Saturday; Moscow accuses Turkey of shelling northern towns, Feb 28 2015

WW3: Fighters From Turkey Are Pouring Into Syria And Attacking Targets Despite The Ceasefire, Feb 29 2015

US gynecologists urge “compromise” on female genital mutilation, Feb 23 2016

Students told to write essay on their conversion to Islam, Feb 24







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