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“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Feb 10 2016 “New World Order: the Muslim world and the West”

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February 9, 2016


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“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Feb 10 2016 “New World Order: the Muslim world and the West”

New World Order: the uniting of the Muslim world and the West, The Mahdi of Islam and the Antichrist, The rise of Islam in bible prophecy,Wars and Rumors of Wars, “Discipline: Beating the flesh into subjection!” and more!

Articles covered:

Barack Hussein Obama: America’s First Defender-In-Chief Of Islam Feb 8 2016

DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties Feb 5 2016

Obama visits American mosque for first time as president Feb 3 2016

Obama: Islamic State says they’re “holy warriors who speak for Islam. I refuse to give them legitimacy.” Feb 5 2016

“President Obama FULL SPEECH Baltimore Mosque on Muslim Rights LIVE 2/3/16”:

Mosque Obama visited under FBI surveillance since 2010: one of its members plotted to blow up a federal building, Feb 4 2016

President Obama Speaks at Mosque for the Islamic Society of Baltimore Feb 3 2016

Pope Francis asks for prayers for interreligious dialogue Jan 7 2016

‘Muslim solidarity’ professor ‘parting ways’ with Christian college Feb 7 2016

Obama urges Arab world to set up inclusive governments Feb 9 2016

US defense chief welcomes Saudi offer on troops in Syria Feb 5 2016

Saudi Arabia ready to take part in any US-led ground operations in Syria – military spokesman Feb 4 2016

Russia says it suspects Turkey of preparing military incursion in Syria Feb 4 2016

‘Dangerous precedent’: Turkey denies Russian observation flight along Syrian border Feb 3 2016

Syria says any foreign troops would return ‘in coffins’ Feb 6 2016

Putin scrambles thousands of troops and hundreds of warplanes across south-west Russia in large-scale military drills amid growing tensions with the West Feb 9 2016

‘UK military games in Jordan may be preparation for future anti-Russia operations’ Feb 9 2016

ISIS airstrikes by Canada to end by Feb. 22, training forces to triple Feb 9 2016

Turkey warns Russia of consequences for meddling in Syria Feb 9 2016

Russian bombing of civilians in Aleppo in breach of UN resolution, warns Merkel Feb 9 2016

Saudi invasion of Syria: The bluff that could ignite World War III Feb 9 2016

NATO & European leaders whip up hysteria over ‘myth’ of nuclear threat from Russia – Lavrov feb 10 2016

UAE says ready to send ground troops to Syria Feb 7 2016

US welcomes Saudi troop offer for Syria: Jubeir Feb 10 2016

Herzog calls for Mideast summit during Obama’s term Feb 3 2016

Herzog calls to unilaterally divide Israel to avoid ‘Israestine’ Feb 8 2016

Obama to host King Abdullah of Jordan at White House Feb 8 2016

U.N. condemns North Korean launch after an emergency meeting, Feb 7 2016

Mitch McConnell Sponsors Bill that Would Open Up Use of US Military Force to Obama Anywhere at His Discretion, both Foreign & Domestic, Feb 6 2016

NASA bans the word ‘Jesus’, Feb 8 2016



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