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“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Feb 2 2016 “Mark of the Beast and Transhumanism”

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February 2, 2016


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“Eye of The Storm” Radio Broadcast Feb 2 2016 “Mark of the Beast and Transhumanism”

Mark of the Beast and Transhumanism, Brain Implants and Artificial Intelligence, Islamic Sharia Blasphemy Laws in the United States, Obama and Pope Francis and the New World Order , “A DEMONIZED BIBLE & GLORIFIED QURAN”, “HOPE WHEN THERE IS NO HOPE IN SIGHT” and more!

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World Health Organization declares global emergency over Zika virus spread Feb 2 2016

COP21: Full speech by Barack Obama at the opening of UN Climate Conference in Paris Dec 1 2015
“No nation — LARGE OR SMALL, WEALTHY OR POOR– is immune to what this means.” – Obama

The REAL ID Act of 2005,

Terminal Confusion? DHS push could make some IDs invalid for flying Dec 29 2015

DoD bases no longer accepting driver’s licenses from 5 states as ID Jan 21 2016

Are implanted chips the future of boarding passes? Jan 21 2016

Intelligence amplification

Ray Kurzweil: In The 2030s, Nanobots In Our Brains Will Make Us ‘Godlike’ Oct 1 2015

Futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts computers as small as blood cells Jan 22 2016

DARPA Wants Implanted Brain Chips to Directly Communicate with Computers Jan 21 2016

Google’s future: microphones in the ceiling and microchips in your head Dec 9 2013


Pope Francis meets with Google executive, Eric Schmidt Jan 17 2016

The mobile phone of the future will be implanted in your head, Jan 19 2016

Robot drills electrodes into British teen’s brain, cures epilepsy Feb 2 2016

Obama to make first US mosque visit in support of ‘religious freedom’ Feb 1 2016

Imam Kerry pronounces takfir on the Islamic State, says they’re “apostates” Feb 2 2016

Italian Muslim community invites Pope Francis to visit the Mosque of Rome, Jan 20th 2016

Barack Hussein Obama Muslim connection to Common Core, Aug 5 2015

Student punished for refusing to recite Islamic profession of faith, Jan 28 2016








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