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Global Jihad and Islamic Immigration, Obama, Pope Francis, Bible Prophecy Oct 30 2015

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October 30, 2015


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Global Jihad and Islamic Immigration, Obama, Pope Francis, Bible Prophecy  Oct 30 2015

We as Christians love Muslims and are called to pray for Muslims and all different kinds of people. No not all immigrants are terrorists. No we are not the slightest bit “Islamophobic”. We are however boldly exposing the agenda behind the mainstream narrative because truth must be told ( Eph 5:11). This video covers how the current global Islamic Immigration is part of biblical prophecy. This immigration ( Invasion) is a strategically planned occurrence and not a spontaneous crisis. Key players pushing this agenda include Obama, Pope Francis, UN, and the OIC ( Organization of Islamic Cooperation). The ultimate consequence of this mass rapid migration/invasion is the rise of Islam and Sharia law.

Articles covered:

Muslim immigration fastest growing Sep 22 2015

ISIS Smuggler we will use refugee crisis to infiltrate west Sep 2015

Refugees keep streaming into europe as crisis continues unabated Sep 6 2015

Democrats urge US take 100,000 syrian refugees sept 11 2015

U.N. to hand out marching orders on immigration, Sept 9 2015

Pope Francis Stresses Immigration, Climate Change in Address to Congress, Sept 24 2015

Obama Is About To Take Massive Immigration Action ‘Far Scarier Than Anyone Could Have Imagined’ Oct 20 2015

Invasion five million muslims march on europe we cannot guarantee the publi saftey anymore Oct 2015

Saudi Arabia and the Global Islamic Terrorist Network:

Syrian refugee program called ‘back door for jihadists’, Feb 13 2015

Violence Erupts in Sweden as Ethnic Groups Clash in Race Riots


Report: Islamic State Researching Biological Warfare, Aug 30 2014

Islamic State jihadists may infect themselves to spread Ebola in the West, Oct 10 2014

Mideast migrants bringing exotic diseases to europe german hospitals overwhelmed

Saudi MERS infections soar ahead of hajj pilgrimage

Immigration Europe EU European Union Migrants infectious disease health

Sen. Jeff Sessions, Chairman of the Immigration Subcommittee Sept 23 2015

Obama administrations syrian refugee program carries terorrist dhs chief

Officials fear syrian refugees pose threat us

Syrian american with links to isis admits lying to FBI

ICE Union Chief: Agents Face Threat Of Pink Slips If They Enforce The Law 

Texas officiails warn of immigrants with terrorist ties crossing southern border

DHS testing border biometric program in hunt to identify terorrists

FBI director just admitted something big about syrian refugees and its bad news for america

GOD Rep at least ten ISIS fighters have been caught coming across the mexican border

ISIS coming cross the southern border

ISIS Camp a few miles form texas mexican authorities confirm

Bob Bear


Obama announces plan to fix us immigration

VIDEO: Muslim Migrants Burn Down Refugee Camp, Take Selfies , Oct 21 2015

Pope Addresses immigration wealth distribution and climate change

U.N. should encourage redistribution of wealth, pope says May 9 2014

Durbin Syrian Refugees met

Durbin compares obama executive amnesty to emancipation proclamation

Amerixan Muslims thank Senators Durbin

Drone footage of THOUSANDS of migrants crossing into Sloveni

Black flags of Jihad seen in Muslim March in Germany:

Austrian guards called army as refugees would not stay in camp:

Islamic Gangs Plundering German Churches, Schools and Raping Women & Children – German Media Attempts Coverup

Christians Persecuted by Muslims Even in the West


A Call to Action

Animated map shows how religion spread around the world July 14 2015

The Spread of the Gospel HD June 12 2015

The Flow Towards Europe Oct 28 2015 Lucify map

muslim refugees budapest

muslim riots in germany

muslim riots greece

muslim riots denmark

Muslim refugees Austria








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