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Artificial Intelligence, Obama, Pope, IBM Watson, & Mark of the beast!

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October 14, 2015


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Artificial Intelligence, Obama, Pope, IBM Watson, & Mark of the beast!

This video covers technology already in place to integrate Transhumanism into society and the continuous advancement of this technology as well as policy towards a global system of enslavement. The ending result of the stage that is being set will be the implementation of the Mark of the Beast. The predominant excuse/smokescreen/cover story to call for the global “solution” of the Mark of the Beast will be that of helping the planet for the UN’s “Sustainable Development”. We are living in the last days and bible prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes!

Articles covered:

United Nations: Green Economy

IBM Survey Consumer Behavior

IBM Watson Mubadala

Smarter planet


IBM Smarter Planet

IBM Watson logo built off the smarter planet

IBM smart cities

Smarter Planet and Smart cities monitored through Artificial Intelligence.

IBM pilots ‘Ask Watson’ in British Columbia smart city app July 22 2015

Connecting Man and Machine with Watson and the Internet of Things Nov 14 2014

US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

This connectivity to the artificial inteligence system is already here and its implimented

IBM Watson Health and the Future of Healthcare

face recognition software IBM Watson Biometrics

Ken Jennings & IBM Watson on Competition

watson at work

Fortify Your Phone With a Pope Francis App Aug 17 2015

President Obama Calls for Massive Boost in Power of Supercomputers Aug 10 2015

Remarks by the President on the BRAIN Initiative and American Innovation Apr 2 2013

Obama’s BRAIN Initiative is a huge boost for new neurotechnology Apr 3 2013



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