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Smart Cities, Pope, Obama , United Nations and the Mark of the Beast! Prophecy In The News Oct 10 2015

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October 10, 2015


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Smart Cities, Pope, Obama , United Nations and the Mark of the Beast! Prophecy In The News Oct 10 2015

This video shows the deception of the Sustainable Development agenda to integrate the mark of the beast into the social structure of all cities on earth into the global governance and world economy.

Articles covered:

Pope Francis Encyclical “Laudato si” – in response to global sustainable development. part .175

New Obama plan calls for implanted computer chips to help U.S. troops heal Aug 27 2014

Darpa ‘already implanting chips in brains of wounded US soldiers returning from Middle East’ Sep 28 2015

DARPA Is Going to Start Messing Around With Biology Apr 2 2014

Is Google planning a microchip for people’s brains? Engineering boss at internet giant says sci-fi-style technology will begin by helping disabled people control wheelchairs July 21 2013

Toward a Brain-Internet Link Nov 1 2003

Harvard creates brain-to-brain interface, allows humans to control other animals with thoughts alone July 31 2015

John Calhoun mouse utopia

John Calhoun


United Nations Development Programme Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

5 October 2015 A. DRAFT AGREEMENT for the Sustainable Development COP21 France.

Global Mayors, Pope Find Common Purpose July 21, 2015

C40 About

C40 mayors around the United States were eager to support President Obama

Pope Francis to meet with C40 mayors on climate

Vatican keeps up eco-pressure, invites mayors to see pope July 15 2015

Vatican to begin tracking clergy and employees with RFID cards Dec 2 2012

Vatican Greenest city/state world wide.

The Rockefellers 100 resilient cities

100 Resilient Cities Announces Regional Director for Europe and the Middle East Apr 1 2015

Smart resiliant cities and rockefellers

ManyCities maps urban residents’ daily lives to produce smarter insights

Leading mayors launch International Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance Apr 8 2015

Brisbane on track as a smart city Aug 17 2015

NFC-Enabled Refrigerator Shares Data With Mobile Phones Aug 5 2013

Target Announces Nationwide RFID Rollout May 20, 2015

IBM RFID Commercial – The Future Market

IBM Smart Cities

How the “Internet of Things” May Change the World

The Future of Cities, Information, and Inclusion

FACT SHEET: Administration Announces New “Smart Cities” Initiative to Help Communities Tackle Local Challenges and Improve City Services Sept 14 2015

Obama Wants a Global Community to Run the Internet, but It Could End Up in the Hands of China. Or Putin Mar 25 2014

US Government Cedes Control Of The Internet May 15 2014

Celebrating the power of our Global Community June 25 2015 (show article)

Tracker: Security and Privacy for RFID-based Supply Chains

Internet Society

The Future of Brain Implants Mar 14 2014

Dawn of Human 2.0? Nanobot implants could soon connect our brains to the internet and give us ‘God-like’ super-intelligence, scientist claims Oct 2 2015

Would YOU be microchipped? Kaspersky implants chip in man’s hand that could one day be used to pay for goods and even unlock his home Sep 3 2015

Hacker Implants NFC Chip In His Hand To Bypass Security Scans And Exploit Android Phones Apr 27 2015

I just got a computer chip implanted in my hand — and the rest of the world won’t be far behind Sep 21 2015







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