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Depopulation Agenda found in End Times Bible Prophecy- Prophecy In The News July 4 2015

Depopulation Agenda found in End Times Bible Prophecy- Prophecy In The News July 4 2015

This video covers the Globalist Agenda to Depopulate the earth for the New World Order and how it relates to the first 4 seals of the book of Revelation. The method of the depopulation and doctrine held by the globalists is covered in regards to their Malthusianism and Neo Malthusianism.

Articles covered:


How World War III became possible June 29 2015

Malthusian Catastrophe

Vatican has it right – by Hans Shellnhuber

Climate-change theorist named to Pontifical Academy of Sciences June 17 2015

Speaker at Vatican Climate Change Rollout Says Earth Overpopulated by 6B June 14 2015

The Earth League

Pope’s climate change stance aimed at influencing Paris COP 21 talks June 29 2015

Who is Jeffrey Sachs and Why Was He at the Vatican? May 14 2015

Another Inconvenient Truth: The World’s Growing Population Poses a Malthusian Dilemma Oct 2 2009

Dr. John P. Holdren

John Holdren: White House Malthusian

Pope Francis LAUDATO SI

Pope Francis Calls For ‘Legitimate Redistribution’ Of Wealth To The Poor May 9 2014

Barack Obama calls for more redistribution of wealth to America’s working poor Feb 13 2013

Obama ‘Deeply Admires’ The Pope’s Climate Change Encyclical June 18 2015

President Obama’s Malthusian New Deal: Recovery Not Mar 28 2012

Vatican Climate Change Speaker Wants Earth Constitution, Individual CO2 Budget June 16 2015

Kissinger’s 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide

‘Epidemic of food riots’ could trigger society collapse by 2040, warn scientists June 23 2015

Foodmageddon could be just 3 steps away June 23 2015

New NASA data show how the world is running out of water June 16 2015

Earth is on brink of a sixth mass extinction, scientists say, and it’s humans’ fault Jun 22 2015

Catastrophe – Devonian exctinction saw the oceans choke to death Jun 24, 2015

United Nations (1968). The concept of a stable population

Professor Dr. Klaus Töpfer

The United Nations Foundation

Ted Turner Depopulation Plan Exposed

BILDERBERGER Ted Turner Supports Population Reduction To 2 Billion

World Population Clock

Survival of Spaceship Earth (1972)



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